The Willie Lynch Letter

Even though I found the transcript easily on the Internet, I feel uneasy like I have just stumbled upon and opened some highly classified Pentagon docs. Presented by a vicious European plantation and slave owner of the West Indies as advice to his sad-faced American slave-owning colleagues troubled by rebellious and uprising black men, way back in 1712, in 2015 I feel as thought I am not supposed to have access to what this letter contains. It’s instructions to the slight of hand and powerful ways in which a white minority duped millions of captured black Africans and their children and their children’s children into passive servitude, self-hatred, and perpetual self-sabotage. In it we find a horrible simple truth about what underpins many ongoing travesties of the black American community ever since The Making of A Slave was authored, sold and used as the most effective method for controlling the black man and woman ever created. You can purchase a copy of the handbook on today (seriously). Sanctioned by the State, these psychological tools were effective in producing and controlling millions of strong African men and woman by cutting them off from their languages and cultures and by destroying the functional bond between man and woman. It is an instructional text on how get black slaves to accept and embrace their chattel status assigned to them by the white slave master. A borage of psychological techniques were employed to created fear, mistrust and division amongst the enslaved. The result was near full acquiescence to the slave-master. It’s difficult to fathom, but control the mind control the person. Control the mother control her children, nearly effortlessly. As Lynch confidently suggested, his method, with correct implementation, would self-perpetuate for generations to come and for hundreds if not thousands of years into the future. Read this text now then begin to connect it to current problematic conditions of black America.


What would happen if the full transcript of the Willie Lynch Letter was included in high school American History textbooks? What if Dr. Joy DeGruy’s work, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome was also presented in schools and discussion was encouraged? True social change is only possible with an honest look at the past.

The WillieLynchLetterText

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