My visceral reflex to this terror here

Young man’s shock blood flower

Stops my heart

Cop criminal going after 3 points

At point blank

5 ACEs for baby wide eyed in the back seat

Losing her father

Diamond at his side morphed into Jackie Kennedy

Valiantly held her wits

Forced into a paradigm shift


I’m losing a battle of physiology

Chemical cascades drag me into a deeper grade

Of inflammation

A pinker throb beneath purpler skin

5 4 3 2 breathe

I reach for myrrh brought back from Ancient Egypt’s

Hot black world above the First Cataract

5432 breathe

I’ve sopped up today’s assaults with

Too much food including 2 spinach patties

Nine-dollar green juice

Hands full of tamari almonds


Because it sits on wounds from previous traumas

(Not gonna over share) accumulated in this lump

Beneath my finger


If only marches changed status quos

Not just released tension for thousands

Well-intentioned and re-enraged

“No justice no peace” since the 1980s

We never stopped a war

It’s about dollars collectively withheld or spent

But that’s the much harder road


This poem is graffiti on the throb pounding

Everywhere below my eyes

A black swerve across the hot pink of it

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